From A to B to C with Dott

Dott revolutionised urban exploration by introducing electric scooters, providing a seamless and efficient mode of transportation across European cities. Our collaboration with this innovative disruptor involved shaping their digital strategy and crafting a holistic user experience from start to finish.

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This is Dott

Escape the gridlock of Europe’s large cities with Dott's micromobility solution. No more delayed buses, crowded trams, and endless traffic jams that eat away your precious time. Dott offers dockless electric scooters and e-bikes nearby, unlocked through a user-friendly app. Giving you an ‘open air’, fast and flexible way to reach your destination, whether it's a daily commute, a visit to a friend, or an exciting city exploration. Dott is ready for you day and night, come rain or shine.

Ready, set, go!

The best way to experience Dott is by taking a ride. That's why we've provided a quick onboarding process to get users off to a quick start. We only ask for essential information, such as phone number and credit card details. With a few smart technical tools, we made the process even faster. For example, we used a credit card scanner and the native OS function that automatically fills in validation codes for you.

Full focus on effortless riding Full focus on effortless riding Full focus on effortless riding

Full focus on effortless riding

At the core Dott is all about the joy of riding. This means that the rider experience is largely focused on the scooter and not the app. We purposefully designed our digital interface to be clean and uncluttered, ensuring your attention remains firmly fixed on what truly matters — enjoying a seamless and comfortable ride.

Navigation to guide you

Navigation to guide you

Dott aims to offer a quick and effortless ride though the busy urban traffic. We’ve translated this brand strategy into our UX design. To enhance accessibility, we've strategically positioned navigation and main actions at the bottom of the page, making them easily reachable, even on larger mobile devices. With a single click users can initiate a new ride, which puts their destination always within reach.

Safety first

Safety first

When you let people go out on the streets with electric scooters, you obviously need to ensure that it is done safely. Dott holds this responsibility very seriously, going out of their way to show users how to use the scooters safely. Also, they work with local municipalities to establish zones where riding is allowed. If someone goes outside these zones, they receive an immediate notification with a friendly request to "turn around". Finally, together with Dott we introduced the functionality that users need to take a picture of their scooter before ending the ride. We’re proud that Dott’s competition has borrowed this concept.

Dutch design takes over Dutch design takes over Dutch design takes over

Dutch design takes over

After our design work for Dott was previously awarded a Red Dot Design Award, we have now also been awarded a prestigious Lovie Award. At the Red Dot Design Awards, we won in the category 'Apps -Transport & Public sector' and at The Lovies we were successful in the category 'Best User Interface'.