Product design is a promising field. For Dott we created a smooth onboarding process and incorporated its brand identity as an easy to use and environmentally friendly way to move from A to B to C into all touchpoints. To guide users through the app we used unique, colourful illustrations. These illustrations were given the same familiar visual cues that tie back to all touchpoints: from the branding of the scooter to other the design of the app. Integrating the brand into the user experience, we made sure Dott’s identity came to live in the app design. This made Dott not just a vehicle but an experience. Technological advances won’t slow down and the need for innovation will continue to inspire the greats of the future. At Soda studio we help multi-nationals and start-ups create environmentally friendly and advanced products. Interested to explore what we can do for you? Fill in the form below.

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